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Smart authentication to tackle BYOD issues

NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Smart authentication to tackle BYOD issues


Smart Insights Report "Smart authentication to tackle BYOD issues" provides a comprehensive analysis of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market, authentication solutions, their probable future adoption scenarios and impact on the smart authentication solutions market.
BYOD experience relates to employee-owned devices being used for work. Such an employee mindset evolution may trigger changes in the whole corporate IT ecosystem, as the BYOD trend implies corporate data to travel outside a secure local network. This is why corporate IT departments are striving to adopt authentication solutions to be used on employee-owned mobile devices to secure corporate data. Smart mobile authentication devices ensure that only the right person with right information access privileges gets his hand on the corporate data. Traditional smart solutions used for logical access include smart cards, One-Time-Password (OTP) generators and USB tokens. Today, we can state as a fact that software solutions in some way cannibalize smart authentication solutions.

Nonetheless, this report establishes that BYOD software authentication solution shipments that will reach 223 million units by 2018 (CAGR of 27%) will not overthrow more secure and robust smart hardware authenticators. BYOD hardware authentication solution shipments will reach 343 million units by 2018 (CAGR of 46%).
The analysis was conducted based on primary and secondary research, the technical and business expertise of secure authentication solution manufacturers, secure corporate IT network integrators and biometrics experts that were interviewed anonymously for the purpose of this report.
Smart authentication to tackle BYOD issues While the Smart Insights Report "Smart authentication to tackle BYOD issues" describes BYOD smart authentication solutions market current situation and anticipates its development in the near future, it also:
• analyzes the market evolution, obstacles and solutions for business development,
• provides readers with a thorough understanding of the complexity of the BYOD authentication ecosystem and how it might be reshaped,
• provides forecasts on BYOD authentication solution shipments, including smart cards, USB tokens, One-Time-Password (OTP) generators, secure microSD and software authentication solution shipments in volume.

The Smart Insights Report "Smart authentication to tackle BYOD issues" includes a thorough analysis of each BYOD authentication tools, the likeliness of logical access solution adoption, depending on an industry a company is specialized in and the workforce size. The field research conducted by Smart Insights highlights the clear transition of IT departments concerns from local corporate network security towards employee-owned mobile devices security measures.
The report also establishes the growing interest of the industry towards more ergonomic biometrics-based BYOD authentication solutions. The 150-page Smart Insights Report "Smart authentication to tackle BYOD issues" provides an elaborate analysis of future developments of the BYOD authentication market. The report provides forecasts on BYOD authentication solution shipments in volume.
Executive Summary 5
Table of contents 8
Table of Illustrations 11
1 Bring Your Own Device trends (BYOD) 15
1.1 BYOD market overview 17
1.2 BYOD functional aspects 22
1.2.1 Benefits of BYOD 22
1.2.2 Disadvantages of BYOD 24
1.2.3 BYOD drivers 24
1.2.4 BYOD savings opportunities 26
1.3 BYOD trends (surveys) 29
1.3.1 Infosecurity 2012 BYOD survey 29
1.3.2 Cisco survey 29 US survey 30 Worldwide survey 33 Regional summary 38
1.3.3 Good Technology survey 41 BYOD support by industry 42 BYOD support by geography 44
1.3.4 Symantec survey 45
1.4 BYOD market quantitative overview 46
1.4.1 Mobile devices usage in the enterprise 48
2 BYOD issues & user friendliness 51
2.1 BYOD issues & challenges 53
2.1.1 Security and device management 54
2.1.2 Lifecycle management 57
2.1.3 Multiple platform support 58
2.1.4 Privacy issues 58
2.1.5 Legal issues 59
2.1.6 Third-party applications 59
2.1.7 Data storage issues 60
2.2 BYOD security risks 63
2.3 User experience 65
3 BYOD authentication 67
3.1 Overview 69
3.1.1 Authentication security levels 71
3.1.2 Authentication principles 73 Two-factor authentication 73 Three-factor authentication 73 Single sign-on 74 OATH 75 OAuth and OpenID 75 PKI 77
3.1.3 Hardware protection 79
3.1.4 The chain of trust during ID usage 80 ID device authentication 81 Reader authentication 82 ID credential authentication 82 ID holder authentication 83
3.2 BYOD authentication methods and form factors 86
4 BYOD authentication solutions 89
4.1 Smart cards 91
4.1.1 Challenge / response 92
4.1.2 Use cases 93
4.1.3 Enterprise security smart card suppliers 96
4.1.4 Enterprise security smart card reader suppliers 97
4.2 USB tokens 99
4.2.1 Passive tokens 99
4.2.2 Active tokens 99
4.2.3 Enterprise security USB token suppliers 101
4.3 OTP tokens 103
4.3.1 Hardware OTP 103
4.3.2 Out-of-band authentication 104
4.3.3 SMS soft tokens 105
4.3.4 One-time-passcode list 105
4.3.5 Display card with OTP generator 106
4.3.6 Enterprise security OTP generator suppliers 107
4.4 Mobile hardware authentication 109
4.5 Mobile software authentication 111
4.6 Biometric authentication 114
4.7 Trusted execution environment 119
4.8 BYOD authentication adoption 121
5 Industry players 123
Glossary 145

Table of Illustrations

Illustration 1 Devices used to access business applications 18
Illustration 2 Percentage of employees using smart mobile devices for business use 18
Illustration 3 Percentage of employees that telework more than 8 hours/month, 2000-2010 19
Illustration 4 BYOD advantages 19
Illustration 5 PC and non-PC sales, in millions 20
Illustration 6 Worldwide mobile data forecast, 2010-2015 21
Illustration 7 Monthly cost of company-owned device, per employee 27
Illustration 8 Monthly company-owned device and costs per employee, by industry 27
Illustration 9 Percentage of mobile employees using company-owned devices at companies supporting BYOD 28
Illustration 10 Top benefits BYOD brings to the company 31
Illustration 11 Top reasons employees use their own devices for work . 31
Illustration 12 Levels of company IT support for employee-owned devices 34
Illustration 13 Percentage of companies that find security the top BYOD challenge 35
Illustration 14 Percentage of employees designated mobile workers vs. employees who use mobile device for work 36
Illustration 15 Average number of connected devices per knowledge worker, 2012/2014 37
Illustration 16 Percentage of companies where devices are primarily owned by company vs. employee 39
Illustration 17 Percentage of companies that support BYOD 42
Illustration 18 BYOD support by industry 42
Illustration 19 BYOD policies in place by company size and industry 43
Illustration 20 BYOD support by geography 44
Illustration 21 BYOD support by geography broken out by industry 45
Illustration 22 Total cumulative shipments in first five years of product history (in millions) 46
Illustration 23 Device shipments by form factor, millions, 1995-2010 47
Illustration 24 Key tablets and PC assumptions 48
Illustration 25 Mobile devices used for work 49
Illustration 26 Tablet usage in the enterprise 50
Illustration 27 Mobile security revenue, in millions of US$ 57
Illustration 28 Number of mobile devices lost each year 61
Illustration 29 Percentage of respondents who believe a majority of knowledge workers are suitable for desktop virtualization 62
Illustration 30 Personal device security among top 20% BYOD performers 64
Illustration 31 Authentication factors 70
Illustration 32 OpenID vs. OAuth 77
Illustration 33 The chain of trust during ID usage 80
Illustration 34 Secure ID system components 83
Illustration 35 Mobility use cases, ranked by importance 86
Illustration 36 Authentication methods comparison 87
Illustration 37 Authentication form factors 88
Illustration 38 BYOD smart card suppliers 96
Illustration 39 BYOD smart card reader suppliers 97
Illustration 40 BYOD smart card shipments, 2012-2018 98
Illustration 41 BYOD USB token suppliers 101
Illustration 42 BYOD USB token shipments, 2012-2018 102
Illustration 43 BYOD OTP generator suppliers 107
Illustration 44 BYOD OTP generator shipments, 2012-2018 108
Illustration 45 BYOD mobile hardware authenticator suppliers 110
Illustration 46 BYOD microSD authenticator shipments, 2013-2018 110
Illustration 47 Microsoft image code 112
Illustration 48 HTC pattern code 112
Illustration 49 BYOD software authenticator shipments, 2012-2018 113
Illustration 50 Validity fingerprint sensor embedded in smartphone . 117
Illustration 51 Apple's mobile fingerprint authentication patent 118
Illustration 52 BYOD other authenticators shipments, 2012-2018 120
Illustration 53 Total cost of ownership of BYOD authentication form factors 121
Illustration 54 BYOD authentication form factors adoption likeliness 122
Illustration 55 BYOD authentication solutions market value, 2012-2018 122
Illustration 56 Smart authentication solution providers 141

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