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The economic crisis also hampers Nikon accounts, but less

If last Sunday I had Michelangelo ballast accounts now Canon's turn to Nikon. We recently learned of the outcome of Nikon and accounts do not look as good as promised. And is that the tsunami simulator of the current economic crisis is taking is hitting all manufacturers but with nuances. And is that despite the economic in the technical, if you know thanks to the internet again, are getting to know many faults in the models that have been introduced this year, issues that should be taken into account, not only but also Nikon Canon and other manufacturers that have come up since then this is reflected in the sales results. Both retail sales and net profits have declined although Nikon too but will seek an excuse to Canon targeted as culprits to smartphones? Although we think that much, in fact, the fault lies with the CSC, in spite of having much higher prices as long as that reflex similar characteristics.
Regarding earnings numbers in the last three months was 2.95 billion dollars, of which 202 million are net, so when compared to Canon, the coup has been much less hard to Nikon despite a decline in such benefits than 3. 4%.

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