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Beacon Podcast – Episode 023

Hurricane Labs Beacon Podcast
Episode Number: .023 – For The Birds Edition
Hosts: Bill Mathews (@billford), Patrick Sayler (@psayler), Steve McMaster (@iamthemcmaster), Ian Gillespie

Creative Commons 4.0 first draft
- Too fragmented
- One unified licensing system?

Internet Explorer 9 marketshare surges
- Ian hates IE
- IE6 Countdown
- Browser horror stories

Gumming up the internet: When DNS servers attack
- Bill has way too much to say
- Probably boring

IT Must Change Security Strategies to Keep Up With Cybercriminals
- No, IT needs to start using security strategies in the first place
- “Security is for the birds” – Ian
- More security awareness

Location Based Services
- Sometimes creepy
- Ian hates social interaction
- Foursquare has awful privacy settings
- Don’t be stupid online?

Microsoft HomeOS
- Home automation system
- By Microsoft? Thanks but no thanks

Hack of the Week
Mac BotNet
Global Payments breach

App of the Week
Google Project Glass
“Admented Reality”

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Christina O’Neill has been working in the information security field for 3 years. She is a board member for the Northern Ohio InfraGard Members Alliance and a committee member for the Information Security Summit, a conference held once a year for information security and physical security professionals.