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Microsoft Cloud Patent Application Not What It Seems

Cloud Computing on Ulitzer

InformationWeek stumbled on a Microsoft patent application dating back to 2006 deceptively titled "Migrating Data to New Cloud," which makes it sound like a way out of vendor lock-in, one of the chief drawbacks to cloud computing.

Well, it's not according to Vordel CTO Mark O'Neill.

Vordel's got a unique cloud service broker in beta that should resolve the cloud lock-in issue.

What Microsoft's asking to patent - apparently for the warm and cuddly feeling customers should derive - is a failover kinda way to move data around from Microsoft data center to data center in case the ISP hits the wall - even if Microsoft should be the ISP.

Whether it works or not is another matter. We were under the impression everything would be duplicated anyway.

O'Neill says it's not cloud-specific, but more network services-generic, the way patents are meant to be.

Despite the lock-in issue, O'Neill said most of Vordel's beta customers are using its widgetry for hybrid clouds.

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